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Online Creators Are Boring As Hell

Don’t fall for the hype of easy money

Pete Williams
5 min readMar 15, 2023


“These are the best writers on Medium right now…”

That was the tweet I saw a couple of weeks ago, followed by around 10 names, maybe half of whom I recognised. I saw a similar list of Twitter writers around the same time. I was momentarily irritated I wasn’t on the one about Medium (hey, we all have egos), but then it hit me…

All of these “writers” are boring as fuck.

And I say “writers” because while technically they are writing, in reality it’s just non-stop content creation about self-improvement.

Now look, I’m not going to sit here and criticise a bunch of people for writing self-improvement, because I do a tonne of it myself. I ain’t a hypocrite.

Where we differ though, is that every single one of these people are solely self-improvement writers who produce stuff that, to me at least, is repetitive, uninspired and not insightful.

Most of these people are also earning significant, even massive cash.

  • So and so ghostwrites tweets and earns $40k a month.
  • So and so just sold $80k worth of his course in the first week.

Needless to say, just like anyone else, I’m not immune to having pangs of jealousy at seeing such figures — assuming they’re true.

What I’m not jealous of, however, is their work.

It’s boring, it’s prosaic, it’s mundane. There’s nothing insightful about it, nothing that remotely moves me, nothing that speaks to the human experience. It’s just basic self-improvement advice, which tells me something really important:

Most of them aren’t worth listening to.

Proof of this came from digging a little deeper into one writer’s work outside of Twitter. One of these titans wrote an article that he titled “a 3 month lesson in 3 minutes” as to why you’re not growing on social media. What was this astounding lesson, you ask?

“Provide value.”