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Get Your Camera Off Me

The toxic trend taking over our gyms

Pete Williams
5 min readJan 30, 2023


If you’ve been on YouTube or around social media the last couple of days, you’ve likely heard all the hoo-ha around yet another attention seeking, narcissistic woman trying to sully a fellow gym-goer online by filming them in the gym and making accusations of creep behaviour.

The video has since been deleted, but if you haven’t seen it, here’s a reasonable breakdown:

Unfortunately, this is just one of many I’ve seen over the last 12–18 months. The situation is almost always the same:

  • Scantily clad woman is doing her thing in the gym
  • Has fellow gym-goers in the video without their permission
  • Guy looks in her general direction
  • Uploads the video to her social media account
  • Makes accusations of them creeping on her

What made this particular case all the more egregious was the fact that this woman claimed she didn’t like being sexualised while wearing the skimpiest gym clothing out there. This is despite the fact she sexualises herself plenty on Instagram and…wait for it, has an OnlyFans account as well.

The backlash to this and other recent videos has been fierce, because the men “caught” in these videos haven’t done anything wrong. They didn’t stare, and they didn’t leer, despite the women acting oddly in their videos and inviting attention (yes, muttering to yourself while you have a camera on you is weird, and people are gonna look).

And for that simple crime of being in their vicinity, they end up in a video they didn’t consent to that accuses them in the court of public opinion. It’s utterly despicable.

Don’t think the men get off easy…

While guys don’t bring attention to themselves in the same manner as these women, they don’t go blameless here either. Young guys tend to instead directly film other people in the gym who might be using…