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Are You a Garbage Human?

The answer to one question can tell you for sure

Pete Williams
2 min readDec 14, 2021


You drive into the mall parking lot and it’s packed. Ugh. You just wanted to do a couple of things real quick and get out, but now it looks like you’re going to spend a chunk of time just looking for somewhere to park. After a few minutes of frustration you see it — a vacant spot, and you thank your lucky stars. You know in the back of your head it’s too good to be true, but you go for it anyway. And then you hit the brakes.

It’s a damn shopping cart in the middle of the space.

Yes, rather than take it back to the rack, some selfish asshat has just left it there, impinging on the space and preventing anyone parking there.

It really is a great test of a person isn’t it? More than just about anything, behaviour when it comes to shopping carts tells you a lot about what kind human you are. When you think about it, it’s the ultimate test of free will:

  • It doesn’t do anything for you, just everyone else
  • No one can make you do it
  • There won’t be any repercussions if you don’t put it back properly

The real question that comes out of this is, do you care about making someone else’s day just that little bit worse?

Congratulations, you’ve just made someone’s day that little bit shitter. Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash.

Now, no doubt a bunch of people are going to rush to the defence of the offenders, saying “maybe they were in a rush, or just got a bad phone call or something.” Sure, but when the trolley rack is likely in the order of fifty metres away, that’s a distance that can be returned from in less than a minute. There’s really no excuse, is there?

I’m not even going to finish this short post off by saying “be kind to your fellow people and put your cart back in the rack.” I don’t need to, because if you’ve read this, then the next time you’re faced with the choice of leaving your cart in a crappy spot or putting it back where you’re supposed to, your mind is going to ask the question anyway:

Am I a garbage human?

Well, are you?



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