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7 Signs You Hold Extremist Views

Newsflash: you’re actually the one that’s bad for society

Pete Williams
8 min readSep 12, 2022


If there’s one thing that the last six years has shown us, it’s that the extreme ends of the political divide are becoming more extreme at a rapid pace. While those of us in the sensible center of the spectrum continue to try and live our lives and do our best, extremists on both ends continue to pollute the political discourse and steer us away from sensible decisions that benefit the majority of society.

Their constant screeching is only amplified by Twitter and the media, to the point that small groups of angry people have developed a disproportionate level of power.

The worst part is, most extremists don’t even realise just how extreme they are because, thanks to the internet and social media, they can find plenty of people like them and delude themselves into believing they’re normal.

So in the spirit of holding up a mirror to everyone, below are some traits which, if combined, are a red flag that you’re an extremist and need to come back to the sensible center.

You want some kind of revolution

The ultra vegans want everyone to stop eating meat. The ultra environmentalists want everyone to stop using energy yesterday. The ultra feminists want the patriarchy torn down. The communist types? Well, they haven’t changed a bit.

The common thread is that such groups (and these are just the more prominent ones) want to make everyone live the way they do. To do that they’ll tear down existing power structures and build something that in their mind is more utopian. There’s just one gargantuan problem with that:

Revolutions are really freaking bad for everyone involved.

Look at any of the revolutions that took place last century and you’ll see a body count in the tens of millions. Cambodia lost an entire quarter of their population because a bunch of upper class, university educated shitheads thought they knew better than everyone else and enacted that on the country.

Get this through your head — no matter how much you might dislike certain parts of our society right now, there’s no justifying tearing it all down and starting it…



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